How Jesus Christ Leads Us To The Kingdom Of Heaven


5.0 out of 5 stars Deacon Bernard’s reflections on life and light, September 13, 2015 (Amazon)


I was seeking to strengthen my relationship with God when I met Deacon Bernard on linkedin. He is an example of person who devoted his life to God, serving Him as deacon. God is the source of all that is, living and nonliving, and thus also our Creator. God is Light. Deacon Bernard reminds us in his book that we should live in this light, giving us many examples from the Bible and also from Church Fathers. His reflections on Life and Light are very accurate and wise. Moreover, this book is structured in this way that it includes also „Meditation Questions and Your Answers ” part after each chapter that facilitates the process of understanding and that of application of Catholic teaching in our Faith Journey that should lead us ultimately to Heaven. I received a free PDF in exchange for writing an honest review.



Bernard has been a school teacher, principal, a college professor for fifty years, and a Roman Catholic deacon for more than thirty years. He has a passion for people to come into a genuine relationship with God through Jesus Christ.


While his book obviously expounds the Roman Catholic view of doctrine, his passion for the Lord shines through as he challenges people to hear the “Good News” of the Gospel, believe in Christ as Savior and then live out their faith.


“How Jesus Leads us to the Kingdom of Heaven” encourages individuals to answer Jesus Christ’s knock at the door of their hearts and then go on and complete their Faith Journey. Every chapter ends with a practical application and searching questions.


5.0 out of 5 stars A practical guide to Catholic living, April 9, 2014 (Amazon)


Dr. Fleury approaches the Catholic faith and its impact on the individual using the paradigm of light. Light is an image used repeatedly in scripture, so much so that we almost take it for granted. Fleury presents an exhaustive but logically organized list of citations and shows how the image of light can be used to understand God’s very essence and his relationship to man.


Borrowing from Teilhard de Chardin, he shows how Light can be seen as the ultimate basis of all that is. All matter is light (energy) in one form or another. He postulates that psychic energy (light) which has no mass and therefore cannot be measured, is yet perceptible to our minds, souls, and hearts. This psychic energy, centered in three Divine Persons, is God, the cause of all things. God is the source of physical as well as psychic energy; thus he transcends the universe (he is not the universe) but is immanent (psychic energy penetrates and causes all things). God is the inner light that allows us to perceive everything.


Having discussed this “new physics” reality, Fleury discusses several aspects of the life of the Catholic Christian, with The Light, God, as the source of the inner life of the Christian, just as the physical light nurtures the life of the body.
Essays on achieving peace, on the sacraments, on the imperative to bring the gospel into the world, and other subjects, lucidly present these ancient truths in a way that “makes sense” to the discerning reader.


The book contains questions for self-reflection, and an extensive bibliography. I found it easy to read, but not trite; and as a companion on one’s faith journey, “it would serve very well.”


4.0 out of 5 stars Review of a spiritual journey, March 25, 2014 (Amazon)


Dr Fleury presents a very logical progression of our faith journey through Jesus Christ. He successfully reveals the process one encounters as he matures in Christ. He uses his own personal testimony, and cites those that have walked before him, to cast a clearer picture of what our spiritual walk, in a very carnal world should look like.


I recommend this reading to all who seek the truth.


Heart Speaking to Heart, March 18, 2014
By Rev. Msgr. Daniel Liston, J.C.L., Chancellor
Roman Catholic Diocese of Springfield, Massachusetts


Many people find it helpful to have a reflection on faith focused on some organizational principle. In his book How Jesus Christ Leads Us to the Kingdom of Heaven Bernard Fleury makes effective use of the rich biblical and spiritually significant image of light.


Those familiar with the Roman Catholic Liturgy of the Hours which anchors daily prayer for Christians and which is a particular commitment for those in Holy Orders will notice a generous borrowing from the deposit of biblical wealth found therein. What a wonderful way to organize and to access the limitless meaning of the gift of revelation of the God Who is Love.


The book is both an introductory consideration of that which might be called a strong undergirding of the life of faith while at the same time affording a catechetical review of basic Christian spiritual notions and insights. The reader quickly discerns that this is a sharing from the table of the author’s own pilgrimage and because of this may resonate meaningfully with those on a similar path, or indeed with those who may be searching in hope. This is Dr. Fleury’s stated purpose at the beginning of the book and is a sharing from his heart.


From an extraordinarily deep well of biblical resources, especially from the Book of Psalms, the reader is invited peacefully to imagine that God wishes to communicate in the manner of “Heart Speaking to Heart”, as John Henry Newman beautifully phrased it. And yet, other utilizations of the human desire to be in the light also prove helpful, as, for example, the author gives consideration to the importance and comfort found in light in near death experiences, whatever might be made of these by those who look to God for assurances of love and mercy in what might be termed the darkest episodes of the human experience.


One who takes up the project of reading Bernard Fleury’s book will finish it edified and grateful for the energy and determination that obviously went in to its writing.


5.0 out of 5 stars A Walk With Jesus, February 23, 2014 (Amazon)
By Daniel Hall (Corpus Christi, TX USA) – See all my reviews

This review is from: How Jesus Christ Leads Us To The Kingdom of Heaven (Called Into Life by the Light Series) (Kindle Edition)


The Cover illustration of Bernard Fleury’s e-book makes the reader want to fall in behind the figure of Christ as he walks along the seashore.


If he does so and reads this e-book he will find out How Jesus Christ Leads Us to The Kingdom of Heaven.


This first e-book in the author’s Called into Life by the Light series begins with presenting the many inspirational Bible verses on life and light.


Bernard invites the reader to make the connection between the content of these verses and The Light, Jesus Christ, the guide and sustainer in life’s journey of Spiritual Growth in Christian Living.



The Mind-Body-Spirit Connection In The Medicine Of Light


5.0 out of 5 stars Knowledge is power… be open minded!, June 29, 2015 (Amazon)


This book does an excellent job of educating and informing the reader of the history and potential of “Light Medicine”. Whether you are a health care professional or layperson, Bernard has made this a very easy read making you think about not just the medicine of light, but opening your mind regarding other possibilities and options out there. Who says it has to be just with the use of light? Knowledge is power… being informed and well versed on the options you have for yourself is the first and most important step in self advocacy. This is a very large component of this book that I apprectiated. I (jonathan banz, I am using my wife’s account;)) am a healthcare professional and I PRACTICE as a physical therapist. I highlight the word practice because it is an ever-evolving field… just as is medicine. If we do not challenge and analyze the current ways we PRACTICE then we will never advance or become better at who we are and what we do. There is much out there we are yet to fully understand… if you can stay open minded and are willing to look through a different lense, you just might be surprised at what you see!! Thank you Bernie… this is an excellent book with an excellent message. Best of luck – Jonathan
PS: I received a free PDF version of the e-book to do an honest review. In no way was I told to give a positive review. The views above are of my own opinion based on the content of this book.